Lesson Timetable


Week May 20th


ADULT £34 per hour

UNDER 17 £28 per hour

1. Cancellations less than 24 hours 
2. Non arrival at lessons or mistaken times

Lessons must be paid for if the above circumstances apply.
Many thanks

Letter posted Feb 26th 2019

Dear All,
I wonder if I might draw your attention to the cancellation policy, if lessons are cancelled in less than 24 hours they do need to be paid for. This is absolutely standard Incorporated society of Musicians policy. I cannot fill a lesson time at such short notice, even though I know there a people who would love an extra lesson, or even to start lessons but I am actually full.
Also please could all those pupils who pay cash remember to actually come with cash and not forget. I find it tricky to keep ahead of the forgetters. Is is policy also to pay for goods received, and it is my income ! 
It seems that once in a blue moon I must remind my pupils of these policies. The last two weeks especially have been tricky. I am fully aware of those who always pay, always remember to phone before 24 hours, and those who always offer to pay for the missed session. Last week and this week I had 11 cancelled lessons for all sorts of reasons, many at the last minute. That is a large chunk of income !
If I cancel then obviously that is my choice and many thanks for understanding when I do.
Kind regards to all,Ann


1pm - Lynn

1.30pm - Caoimhe

2pm - Kate 

2.30pm  -  No Morag x 4

3.30pm - Heather 

4pm - Fiona 

4.30pm - Izzy  

4.45pm  -  Jazzi 

5.35pm - Ruby 


3pm - Annie

4.30 - David

5pm - Susan/Scott

5.30 - No Annie  - Jake

6.30pm - No Ian / Karen.


12.30 - Pam 

1pm - Eileen 

1.45pm -  Janet

2.15 - 3.30pm  -  Teatime/BREAK

3.30pm - Scott

4.45pm - Louise 

5.15pm - Ross

5.45pm   -  Shadri  

6.15 - Henry/ Eliza

Whitby Festival !
Aspirant Yum Yum !
One of Penny's best !