Term Dates 2017

Pretty girls and pretty good singers !


It is a very short term due to my long break away from Feb 25th to April 6th !!

Week 1 Jan 8th

Week 2 Jan 15th - RESCHEDULED EXAM DATE END OF THIS WEEK  - Thursday Jan 18th

Week 3 Jan 22nd

Week 4 Jan 29th

Week 5 Feb 5th

Week 6 Feb 12th

Week 7 Feb 19th - Dido is this week Thursday Friday and Saturday 

THATS IT ! I will give plenty of work for the break, but Dido cast have a two week rest !
If you are planning any exams in June it will need to be planned before I go so you can pay Kate and she can put in the entry before I get home.

Summer Term will start the week of Monday April 9th - all things being equal with my long travel home !