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Saltburn Festival 2017

What a triumph ! They all sang so well and made me very proud !

It was a lovely weekend from the day in Whitby to the Saturday singing marathon to the Italian Happy Hour pasta !

Congratulations to all, and many thanks to Julia who played all the tricky stuff !


Ann Lampard  MBE 

Glenashdale ~ Scullamus ~ Isle of Skye ~ IV428QB


 annscullamus (at)

Summer Term

July 3rd - Last week of term !!

Term dates are up and this term they are NOT complicated !


We are nearly there ! AGH !!!


 A picture of the end of the evening after my final festival in Swindon. The lady is Yvonne the festival secretary and tiny dynamic lady ! The gentleman is the Chairman Geoff, who made such a lovely speech about the fact I had chosen to end my adjudicating career at Swindon. The flowers were a lovely extra bonus after a great three days of singing. That's it - I'm done !

Four ladies on holiday (?!) in Whitby

The Messiah

Immanuel Church, Saltburn, North Yorkshire

 Ladies that lunch, and dinner and Whitby for the wonderful Messiah. Thanks to Julia Weeks and the glorious Littlebeck we all had a marvellous time !


Teaching in Hong Kong 2016 - what a privilege!

Ann teaching and Masterclassing in Hong Kong 2016



Some lovely photos of the big day !

June 25th 2015 - a day to remember !


 Sara snapped a photo of this notice which was on the main board in reception at the Royal Academy of Music when she was teaching today ! Wow, they haven't forgotten who I am ! How nice.